Title Transfer 

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California Transfer 

With any change to a vehicles or vessels registered owner or lienholder the state of California requires there be an update in the DMV records within 10 days with the California Certificate of Title be transferred to the new owner as well. 

Some common reasons a transfer is needed are

  • Sale, Gift or Donation of a vehicle 

  • The addition or removal of a name on a vehicle

  •  Satisfaction of Lien ( when a car is fully paid for)

  • Inheritance 

What you need to bring


In order to transfer a vehicle there are a few things that are required by the State of California. 

Family Transfer 


In the State of California a "Family Transfer" is a transfer of ownership between two of the following family members: child, spouse, parent, grandchild, grandparent, sibling or domestic partner. Family transfers are exempt from smog certification and use tax on the value of the purchase price of the vehicle. you will still need All the requirement listed above except a smog certificate, as well as a Statement of Fact (REG 256) 

Out of State Transfer 

Did you bring an out of state vehicle to California and aren't sure how to transfer it from the original state to California, no problem we can take care of you here at Zak's. 

All you need the vehicles title or registration card and our staff here at Zak's Auto Registration can help you get registered. Everything else like the Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) and the Vin Verification  we have and one of our highly trained representatives will walk you through filling it out.